How to Remove Hard Water Stains — And Keep Them From Coming Back

Roughly 85% of the homes, condos, and apartments in the contiguous United States have water that tests somewhere on the hardness scale. This means that the water coming out of the tap contians higher-than-average levels of dissolved minerals like calcium, lime, or magnesium.  And while hard water is generally harmless, and even beneficial in some

Five Signs You Might Be Dehydrated

Did you know 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated, according to a recent survey? The everyday rigors of life can make us forget sometimes that water is essential to its optimum functionality. One thing about dehydration is, your body and mind feel it before you may become conscious enough to get yourself a drink

This is One of the Easiest Ways to Cut Weight!

There are many ways to cut weight, but one of the few that is scientifically proven is to drink more water. Why? Water not only has a number of health benefits on its own, but also can supplement the two most important ways of losing weight and maintaining your healthy lifestyle — diet and exercise.

“And The Winner Is…Water!”

Culligan Water rolled out its new brand campaign Sunday night during the Golden Globes, and it was a big hit. The ad, in which Cary Elwes (sort of) reprises his role from The Princess Bride, was received by 19 million U.S. viewers, plus an additional 3 million in Canada. Check it out!

Reverse Osmosis Systems vs. Faucet/Pitcher Water Filters

A reverse osmosis filter can rid your water of 99% of harmful impurities If you live in Delmarva, and are trying to decide on a Culligan® Reverse Osmosis system versus a faucet-mount or bulky refrigerator pitcher, there are a number of things to consider.

Arsenic Poisoning : A Problem That Can’t Be Ignored

If you live near farmland or industrial areas, you should know… Arsenic poisoning can happen organically in rocks and soil, and is used for a number of reasons in agriculture and industrial. But it can also occur because of copper smelting, mining or coal burning. Arsenic used for wood preservation and insecticides, for car

Why Does My Tap Water Taste Like This?

The subject of water taste can be, well…subjective. After all, each individual has his or her specific palate for sensing flavors. But there are certain instances when water undeniably has a certain unpleasant flavor. The question is — is this ok, or is this something you should worry about? Let’s take a look at some

Should You Winterize Your Water Softener?

When should you winterize your water softener? If you live in a colder climate such as Delmarva, or have a home in a warmer climate you venture to over the holidays and through the winter, you may take steps to protect your pipes from freezing. So why wouldn’t you protect your water conditioning equipment

Copper Pipes — A Potential Risk To Your Water Supply

Copper is one metal that acid water can dissolve into your Delmarva water system. While copper pipes are used in household plumbing, and it is in fact necessary for your diet, it can be poisonous.  Infants and Wilson’s Disease Risks The body has a natural way of regulating copper. However,

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